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What is the Perfect Golf Swing?

The truth is: There is no one perfect swing. If you polled a thousand golfers, you'd get a thousand different answers. You might look at the end result and say a perfect swing gets the ball on the fairway near the green 90% of the time. You might view the perfect golf swing aesthetically.

You might consider it from a stamina point of view and say the perfect swing allows a golfer to hit five hundred balls without injury or exhaustion. Or you might look at consistency and say the perfect swing is one you can duplicate with a high rate of consistency.

Or, you might point to stellar examples and state that Ben Hogan or Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods has the perfect swing. You might look at the perfect swing from a financial point of view and say the perfect swing is the one that wins more often.

That said, there are good and better swings. New golfers often study the swings of the greats like Mike Weir or Greg Norman or Bubba Watson and try to emulate them. No harm in that. When you are learning a good strategy is to pick a good model and follow it.

How do you perfect Your Golf Swing?

Where golf instructors make their money is teaching a skill in the first place and then fixing bad habits that have crept in through time. They often use videos to show students a good model and to show them where their swing is breaking down.

Golfers want to adopt a perfect swing to play well and get low scores. They also want to perfect that perfect swing to avoid injuries. Through time golfers often have to change their swing as their shape and flexibility change.

Many golf instructors have created "perfect swing" lessons. These might include the following skills and drills.

Perfect Swing Checklist

Learn the right grip for that perfect swing. Now again, there are as many opinions about constitutes the perfect grip as there are about that perfect swing. However, learning a good solid grip you can duplicate with consistency is a good skill. A good grip is the foundation of a good swing. It also avoids wrist injuries.

Set up is also an important component of the perfect swing. Stance and your position in relation to the ball must be taken into account. How to stand. Where to stand and creating a line between the ball and your target are all important.

Making that final swing is important but so are all the steps that precede the swing vital. Your set up is so important. If you make mistakes you can correct them before your swing.

Golf instructors spend entire lessons on what they call the take-away. It is another area where injuries, particularly shoulder tresses, can occur. Care should be taken not to develop bad habits in this part of your swing.

Much analysis of the backswing occurs in golf lessons. Noting what is wrong and how to fix it makes this stage of golf lessons worth it all.
Have you heard the phrase, "It's all in your head?" Golf is a head game for two reasons. Attitude and confidence play such an important role. But so does what you do with your head physically! You need to learn to align your head with your back bone and maintain that line to prevent neck problems.

Entire books have been written about how to square the club face with the ball and avoid wrist injuries. This is a vital skill component of the perfect swing.

Next a golfer developing a perfect swing needs to focus on making a full shoulder turn. As flexibility deteriorates with age so, too, can physically damaging bad habits creep in when an aging golfer seeks to compensate for not being able to make a full turn of his shoulders.

Next the perfect swing needs to focus on the hips. They need to remain under your body. Again this is an area that loss of flexibility affects.

Another consideration is how fast to swing. A lot depends on the speed and distance you want at this point. One does not want to sacrifice accuracy to speed and power.

There are dozens and dozens of things to consider in that few seconds when you are executing that perfect swing. Eventually that checklist of things to consider and steps to take will become automatic. The perfect swing can benefit from skills lessons. After that, it is like so many skills, a matter of practice makes perfect.